Silver White Clock (RC Fold)

Regular Price: SGD$1,688.00

Special Price: SGD$1,388.00


  • Exquisite material
  • Delicate process
  • Perfect design

Configuration Upgrade

  • Board with “δΊ•”strengthening parts
  • 2.5mm thick plate
  • Danbom tailor full copper motor

Appearance Upgrade

  • Beauty 1: Fresh ABS plastic frame or aluminum alloy frame alloy frame
  • Beauty 2: Beautiful appearance design
  • Beauty 3: Beautiful Label design
  • Beauty 4: Colour glossiness process

Quality upgrade

  • 100 times ageing run-testing before delivery

Remote Control Folding mahjong Table

  • Remote Automatic Folding at a click of a button
  • This innovation point is to realize automatic 90o  folding by remote controller
  • This innovation makes most convenient and most modern operation
  • Normal folding space saved and light character are held.
  • Space saved, more entertainment
  • Red fashion and ultrathin frame design make this table a piece of Art
  • Danbom- tailor based is equipped
  • Special ultrathin electric cabinet is used.
  • Suitable for all ages

Latest “Butterfly” Type Control Panel

  • This special design is with panel door opening downward isntead of the old up-down panel, which seems like a flying butterfly.
  • The newest design makes Danbom mahjong table in the leading level and most fashionbale.

Product Specification

  • Colour of Frame: Silver White
  • Dimension of table: 94cm x 94cm x 80cm (L x W x H) (Open)
  • Dimension of Table 94cm x 58cm x 104cm (L x W x H) (Folded)
  • Includes the following accessories:
    • 2 sets of special magnetize mahjong tiles (with animals)
    • Mahjong Chips Set
    • Velvet dust cover

Silver White Clock (RC Fold)