Table Mat Replacement

Table Mat replacement:

Worn Out / Damaged / Boring colour Mat? 

Need a new, refreshed, vibrant look for your prized table?

We have different styles / colour of mat for you to choose from. 


  • Takes approximately 2-3 working days
  • We will arrange to dismantle and collect the tabletop back to our workshop for refurbishment.
  • Once it’s completed, we will arrange to return and reinstall the tabletop.
  • We will also assist to realign your table top for you (if required, complimentary)

Quality of Table mat used:

The table mats that we used are of the highest quality available in the market.

Its thickness is 2.0mm as compared to standard of 1.5mm for prolong lifespan and maximum sound insulation.

Typically, a table mat has a lifespan of 2-3 years (depending on usage frequency)

Call us to book an appointment @ 9777-1680.


Why can’t you do the replacement on the spot?

We can’t do the replacement on the spot, as we will need to use some chemical to remove the underlying glue. The chemical need some time to digest and for health and safety reason, not advice able to apply at your place. Beside, we will also need the new mat to “rest” for a day after the replacement before it can be use. 

Is there any warranty for the replaced mat?

Theres a 6 months warranty for the workmanship (excluding user misuse or abuse) of the replaced mat.



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